People have many questions about readiness. Feel free to consult the below FAQ or contact any The Dawn Chorus Group team member for further discussion about how to apply readiness to your projects.
  • What is readiness?

    Readiness is not one thing: it is an umbrella concept that contains several related constructs. In order to be ready, an organization needs to be both willing and able to implement. Being willing means having sufficient motivation to do something new. Being able means have sufficient capacity to do something new. This include the conditions for the particular innovation, as well as being a generally functional organization.

  • We already started. Why should we care about readiness?

    Readiness is not just important at the beginning. The conditions that impact implementation change over time; both positively and negatively. Across project, we have found the frequent monitoring helps to mitigate any challenges as they emerge.

  • Does it matter what type of organization we are?

    Nope! Whether you are a marketing agency, a school, a behavioral health provider, a hospital, an urgent care clinic, a division of a large state-level agency, a community coalition, a board, a retailor, a military base, a church group, an university academic department, a non-profit, or …

    …readiness can be applicable to your setting.

  • What is an innovation?

    An innovation is any [Policy | Program | Process | Practice] that is new to any [Setting | Organization | Unit | Team]

  • How is readiness linked to implementation?

    Having more readiness means that you are more likely to implement well. Quality implementation is more than following a process exactly as specified (sometimes called fidelity). It means that an organization considers the surrounding context, the recipient needs, and opportunities for improvement while implementation is happening.

  • What if I want to take the survey more than once?

    We are currently developing the functionality to link results over time.

  • Can the survey be customized for my own organization’s needs?

    Yup! Contact our team and we can discuss how to develop project and site-specific modifications that can enhance the utility.

  • What can I do to get additional help?

    Change Management of Readiness (CMOR) is one of our core research and practical activities. Contact us for additional consultation about how to apply CMOR to your work.

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